Innovative Products,
and Technology

Innovative Products, Spaces, and Technology is about mapping the foundation of innovation to the built environment. The path of innovation is important for understanding the adoption of new technologies and the system that has developed to bring new products and processes to the market efficiently. The stage of innovation - R&D, invention, innovation, and diffusion - is an important consideration in understanding costs, human capital requirements, value changes, and market incentives.

Innovative Products, Spaces, and Technology in Commercial Development


The CRE TECH Databse is the most comprehensive database of characteristics that describe the built environment to date. The database is meant to be an R&D Laboratory on the future of data that describes the interactions of firms, people, and their interaction with places in New York City. Currently, the dataset covers every aspect of the built environment from the utilities in the ground to the value of trading air rights.

The Economic Impact of Architectural Design

The Frontier of Real Estate Data

Innovation in Cities,
and People

Innovation in Cities, Places, and People looks at the role of real estate products in supporting the growth and success of entrepreneurship. Unique to this project is identifying the real estate products that support entrepreneurial firm growth, the new 21st century driveres of industry clusters, and linking the performance of startups to their treatments and experiences in physical space.

21st Century Agglomeration

The Economic Impact of Acceleration on Startup Firms

Innovation Cities, Places, and Stakeholders in China

The Real Estate

The Real Estate Tech HUB sits at the convergence of real estate, software technology, and innovation. The HUB is a platform to connect and accelerate the global network of 2,500+ new real estate tech startups to report on the global real estate technology and serve as a catalyst for real estate technology innovation.

Real Estate Technology Landscape

The Frontier of Urban Technology