Register for the MIT Data Science in Real Estate class

Real estate is changing to be more responsive to the health, vibrancy and resiliency necessary for 21st century cities. One element driving that change is data.  For real estate professionals, data science and machine learning significantly impact the anticipated success of a property, and understanding how to communicate data-driven value propositions is critical in any market.  So how do we harness this data to make better decisions and enhance the 21st century built environment?

On June 10th the MIT School of Architecture & Planning will release its online short course, Data Science in Real Estate, teaching practical applications of data science and machine learning in order to explain industry experiences and forecast asset values.  With the help of @GetSmarter, REI Lab Director Dr. Andrea Chegut and her team have designed this six-week class to make complex data science techniques more accessible to non-technical professionals, as well as those with an existing knowledge of data science who wish to gain more real estate domain knowledge. They provide guides on how to code, what to look for in real estate data science, and engage with industry experts in how they listen to the data to help real estate stakeholders achieve their goals. Interactive videos, infographics and e-learning activities are also included in the program to cultivate a more diverse learning environment.

To register, click link above!