Classwork: Data Science and Machine Learning for Real Estate

Core skills for development,design and planning are shifting to encompass analytics in data science and machine learning. This seven week mini-course aims to introduce you to the principles of data science and machine learning that are impacting the domain of real estate today. In the course, we will hear from data scientists across technology companies, learn core data science in R, and produce predictive analytics using machine learning techniques. The class is intended for students with some knowledge of data science, but are seeking to learn more.

Data Science and Machine Learning are new core skills for real estate, design and urban planning. In this class, we focus on developing computational resilience by engaging students with thought leaders in the field and executing computational exercises using data from our data partner CompStack and founding lab partner RCA. Yair Titelboim developed a series of exercises to help the students learn how to curate tidy data with R, develop visuals using GGplot and learn how to predict the value of a property with decision trees and neural nets. Six guest speakers elevated the conversation to point to data science methods and machine learning techniques employed in the property markets on the ground. Join us next year as we expand the class to a Data Science and Machine Learning Studio.