Transform with Technology: Shaping the Future of Real Estate

One way to get ahead of the curve and see into the future of real estate technology is to understand the cutting-edge science and innovation coming out of the labs and leading institutions of engineering, science and R&D.  The MIT Tech Tracker is an integrated webtool developed by MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab through an educational program with JLL. This informative application uses data science and machine learning algorithms – together with insight and understanding from industry experts – to scout, track and predict all of the general-purpose technologies that will most likely impact the world of real estate and change the way we live, work and play.

Led by Dr. Andrea Chegut, the Director of the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab, this application brings together vast data sources to provide insight into where technologies come from, how they evolve from their inception in the lab to their disruption in the marketplace and ultimately how they immerse themselves into our daily lives and into the built environment. The application itself is driven by James Scott’s team of industry experts who scour the globe to discover all general-purpose technologies that could conceivably affect the built environment. Once discovered, proprietary algorithms curate data from investment, academia and social media platforms to measure how these new technologies are advancing and developing, and then predict when they are most likely to become part of everyday life.